Jeff Fletcher is a positive mindset singer and song creator specializing in the creation of songs that help keep you in a high vibration, happy feeling state.

After suffering from powerful negative mind chatter and a wondering focus which led to scrambled intentions for most of his life Jeff had the realization that he could create music that would enable him to take conscious control of his moods, quieten his negative mind chatter and stop his focus from wondering all over the place. 

He now writes and produces positive mindset songs and mantras that inspire alignment and well-being not just for himself and his family but for listeners all around the world.

For many years Jeff has studied the effects of music and songs and how they influence our psychology, emotions and general state of mind. 

He has developed the craft of being able to consciously shift feelings and vibration with songs.

He has been using his songs to help keep himself in aood feeling place for many for years and his life has been transformed in so many fantastic ways. 

In 1997 He started performing vibration raising and healing sing-a-long performances to dementia sufferers and witnessed first hand the healing and transformational power of specific songs.   He is also a master NLP practitioner and have studied hypnotherapy and naturopathy.

"Being a songwriter I decided to write some songs that would help to keep me in the prosperity mindset for long periods of time without me having to give it my never ending constant attention. 

There will always be something coming up to distract us and try to steal our attention, but songs have the ability to stop our negative chatter and change the way that we feel instantly.

We all have so much to do and think about in life, time goes by too fast to waste it on feeling down."

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